Repositioning brands while maintaining purpose and values

During the past few months I have been helping businesses to reposition their brands.  Due to the Covid-19 restrictions, many businesses had to close their customer facing premises and rethink how to position their brands.  For many, this meant developing and refocusing their online presence and, for some, introducing new offerings to meet the changed needs of their target audience.

In the current climate, brands and how businesses are viewed is increasingly important.  Companies want to be socially responsible while, at the same time, deliver for their customers and keep their business operating.  Building strong brands, managing how they are perceived in the marketplace, developing key messaging around the business, brand awareness of new products and services, and demonstrating value has been a key part of my work in recent months.

The challenge for many businesses that did not have an active online presence was how they were going to position themselves in an already busy online environment.  They needed a strong brand to stand out and differentiate them from other online businesses.  Their messaging to customers needed to be empathetic, understanding and appealing, and reflect the company’s values and culture.

Many businesses reiterated their purpose, culture and values during this time.  The resulting messaging resonated with customers as they felt they truly got to know the business rather than simply the products and services it was selling.  The businesses that took this time to reach out to their customers and talk to them in a way that reflected their brand experienced a greater sense of loyalty from their customers. 

Businesses that identified with and responded to customer needs are emerging well.  Not only have they achieved business continuity during this uncertain time, they are positioned to continue delivering value into the future.

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