Grass even greener at home


I recently moved back to West Cork to take up a new position at Spearline as Senior Marketing Manager, PR and Brand Development, Lead Generation.  Spearline is a a technology company that proactively tests phone numbers for audio quality and connectivity globally. 

This is the most exciting move that I’ve ever made as I’ve now gone full circle.  Since moving from West Cork to Limerick to study Law and Accounting at the University of Limerick in 2003, I’ve either studied or worked in Dublin, Tipperary, Limerick (again!) and Cork.  I’ve loved every experience along the way, but I’m now turning the phrase “The grass is always greener on the other side” on its head! 

I always say that every experience is a stepping stone and since I moved back to Cork in September 2017, I’ve been one step closer to home.  At the time, I took up a role as Senior Account Manager at AM O’Sullivan PR, an experience which was hugely rewarding and from which I learnt a lot about the power of having a strong network.

Since joining Network Ireland West Cork as a member and PR Officer in March 2018, I continue to be impressed by the dynamic business scene in the region.  I’m one of 135 members of the branch and I’ve learnt a lot from my peers about support, encouragement and influence.  Every second person I met during the past year or so had moved home after an extended period of time elsewhere and the appeal was contagious.  There’s an air of success and vibrancy in West Cork complimented by the world-renowned scenery and coastline.  The people have that extra sparkle, pride and drive.  They want to succeed; for themselves and for West Cork.    

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